REEESNe currently makes financial awards on a competitive basis to students at network institutions for two types of REEES-related work (check back soon for an update on comparable opportunities for faculty and administrators):

Student Essay Prizes for the best undergraduate long-form writing, the best MA-level long-form writing, and the best short-form writing at either level. Submissions are typically due at the end of May each year, and prizes of up to $1,000 are announced over the summer.

Small Grants for Students for deepening REEES-related experience and skills by undertaking relevant unpaid (or underpaid) internships and research, either at one’s own academic institution or with another organization. Applications are due in late May and awards are announced on or around June 1st.

Small Grants for Administrators/Faculty Leaders for professional development at REEES-focused conferences (typically ASEEES, NESEEES, or AATSEEL). Applications are due in October and January and awards are announced on or around November 1st and January 15th.

Please also see our Student Working Groups page to learn about opportunities to propose and receive funding to support intermural study or networking around special topics.